• Removed old parallax fix for Webkit which was now causing problems



  • Fixed wrong carousel width calculation



  • Moved and enqueued imagesLoaded before other scripts
  • Rewritten main.js file to work with the new jQuery version of WordPress 5.6 (window.on(load) not always fired inside document.ready)
  • Fixed mobile menu button not always working and preloader not hiding by rewriting main.js



  • Changed jQuery click functions to document with context



  • Added date param to main.min.js and scripts.js



  • Added required wp_body_open function



  • Fixed console error about jQuery and bootstrap.js
  • Removed bootstrap.js and handled PostTabs widget with a custom function



  • Added Requires PHP and Tested up to as style.css header fields due to theme requirements



  • Background color chosen in Customizer will be applied to Gutenberg editor
  • Moved demo import files and setup into Meteorite Extensions due to theme requirements
  • Updated meteorite.pot



  • Fixed a JS error caused by Terra Slider when no video slide is used



  • Added keyboard navigation for main menu
  • Added several screen reader texts
  • Changed some outline and focus stylings for better accessibility
  • Changed project filter styling for better accessibility
  • Minor HTML changes for better accessibility
  • Removed template-parts/content-search.php as it has not been used since version 2.0
  • Removed changelog from theme info page because of missing internationalization
  • Updated meteorite.pot



  • Added proper float clearing after post content
  • Added word-break for post titles
  • Added small width single post option to support Gutenbergs align-wide
  • Added Gutenberg editor styles
  • Changed theme description
  • Changed checkbox/radio button display style
  • Changed list (ul, ol) appearance
  • Changed gallery post format image max-width from 850 to 1140
  • Changed Google fonts handling
  • Changed minor stylings
  • Fixed white post details of image posts without a post thumbnail set
  • Fixed error in gallery post type if shortcode has no ids
  • Removed typo in changelog
  • Removed html5shiv for IE9 and lower
  • Updated meteorite.pot


Info: Since the theme image sizes have been changed you need to regenerate the image sizes again. To do that install and activate the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin and let it regenerate the images. Important changes are marked with bold text.

  • Added option for related posts and related projects in the Customizer
  • Added fallback for topbar/footer/404 menu if no menu is assigned in the specific location
  • Added masonry style for search
  • Added footer link to privacy page, if set in the WordPress settings
  • Added a notice about the theme derivation in style.css
  • Added theme-side breadcrumbs for titlebar
  • Added support for post formats: Aside, Audio, Gallery, Image, Link, Quote, Status, Video
  • Added right-to-left support
  • Added HTML comments in source code for better orientation
  • Added image sizes on blog/archives/search page
  • Added support for Fade In (Up) One By One for Elementor
  • Added theme info page
  • Added demo import
  • Added admin notice for theme info page
  • Changed .hentry to article for masonry layout since not all items in search do have the .hentry class (masonry-init.js)
  • Changed theme screenshot to follow recent changes of the WordPress.org requirements
  • Changed theme description
  • Changed search submit button in searchform.php
  • Changed location of custom-editor-style.css. Moved to /inc/admin/css/
  • Changed .nav-placeholder to be located directly in HTML code instead of created by JS
  • Fixed missing space between classes with masonry blog layout while having blog/archives on full width
  • Fixed the header slider not showing on the blog page
  • Fixed the header text not showing if the homepage shows the latest posts
  • Fixed Terra Slider not autoplaying the first video slide in Google Chrome
  • Fixed heading for day/month/year archives that printed doubled h1 tags
  • Fixed missing footer widget areas, if the first footer widget area is empty
  • Fixed parallax background not being parallax caused by 1.13.1
  • Fixed issues with multiple fade-in-(up-)single animations within one row
  • Improved content.php and removed unnecessary code
  • Improved navigation fallback text if no menu is assigned in the specific location
  • Improved diverse smaller styling issues
  • Improved php code for better readability and best practices in all files
  • Removed option to show full content on search page due to bad results when using a Page Builder
  • Removed option for the search layout, it now has the same as the blog/archives
  • Removed option for Yoast/WooCoomerce breadcrumbs. Instead added own breadcrumbs (see above)
  • Removed image size meteorite-tiny-thumb which was only used in post tab widget (in companion plugin)
  • Updated theme tags
  • Updated meteorite.pot


Important notes from Meteorite Extensions 1.5:

  • Added widget styles to Elementor page builder
  • Added script for improved live editing with Elementor (widget carousels)
  • Added options for pagination and autoplay to project carousel (Meteorite >= v2.0 needed)
  • Changed handles for style/script enqueue to match Terra Themes Tools plugin handles
  • Fixed text outside field in widget-skill-circle.php not saving for fourth skill
  • Improved the upload buttons in image and text with icon widgets
  • Improved widget defaults to work better with Elementor


Important notes from Terra Themes Tools 1.4:

  • Added fallback if false slider transition type is set
  • Changed slider arrow button url to use the same as the header image arrow button
  • Improved the upload button function in meta fields


Important for Child Themes: Since the post formats require new files, the content.php, content-search.php and content-single.php files have changed significantly. If you have changed them within a child theme you may want to check if your changes still work.



  • Fix a non-object error within a header image function



  • Fix background image bug in Chrome



  • Added support for Elementor and Beaver Builder
  • Fixed horizontal scrollbar caused by dropdown menus
  • Improved dropdown menu animation
  • Renamed Customizer section (Navigation type > Topbar type)



  • Small CSS adjustments (textarea, .label)



  • Fixed an error with the breadcrumbs



  • Corrected some translations
  • Fixed header overlay hiding for blog posts and projects
  • Removed mediaelementplayer scripts and css as they are loaded in WordPress core
  • Updated meteorite.pot



  • Changed screenshot image
  • Fixed grid blog layout issues
  • Improved CSS styles
  • Removed sourceMappingURL from assets/bootstrap/bootstrap.min.css
  • Smoothscroll links now work properly with full links



  • Added smoothscroll functionality to mobile and footer nav
  • Added masonry blog layout
  • Improved CSS styles
  • Improved layout colums
  • Updated meteorite.pot



  • Fixed a bug with project half layout title
  • Fixed a bug with linked images in Image Frame Widget
  • Header image text now allows basic HTML
  • Improved default / WooCommerce widget styles
  • Improved CSS styles
  • Navigation search can now be closed with esc key
  • Removed pingback link from header.php, moved to functions.php
  • Updated readme.txt



  • Fixed a bug with mega menu
  • Fixed a bug with project filter color



  • <!–nextpage–> now works on posts
  • Styled paginated posts/pages similar to blog pagination
  • Fixed a bug with breadcrumb z-index
  • Changed customizer label for activating the header area
  • Updated meteorite.pot file



  • Fixed a bug with the submenu positioning
  • Fixed a bug with the Terra Slider content not being parallax on image slides
  • Fixed a bug with the Terra Slider overlay z-index on mobile
  • Changed Terra Slider height to default height set in customizer



  • Fixed a parse error in inc/functions/function-header.php
  • Corrected the release date of 1.8 in readme.txt



  • Added functionality for header images and slider on blog page, projects and single posts
  • Added option to center footer text
  • Changed WooCommerce default delimiter
  • Fixed a bug with the Terra Slider content not being parallax
  • Fixed a bug where project carousel calculates wrong height
  • Fixed a bug with the heading in titlebar on search page
  • Improved Terra Slider styles
  • Improved CSS styles
  • Improved customizer settings, outsourced single post options into its own section
  • Improved project reveal title effect
  • Improved header area code
  • Improved titlebar. Bar will now be shown on every page (except front page) if activated
  • Terra Slider videos will start from beginning after slide changed
  • Updated meteorite.pot file



  • Fixed a translation bug for comments
  • Improved style.css file size
  • Removed wp_list_comments callback in comments.php
  • Updated meteorite.pot file



  • Added more functionality to overwrite theme functions in child themes
  • Added some styles in combination with the plugin update from Terra Themes Tools 1.2
  • Improved data escaping
  • Removed styles for Terra Slider pause icon
  • Updated meteorite.pot file



  • Added functionality to overwrite functions from inc/functions/functions-header.php in child themes
  • Fixed a conflict between .smooth-scroll and outgoing links



  • Added .smooth-scroll to arrow buttons in header image
  • Changed featured pricing table style
  • Changed font system
  • Fixed missing 1.2.1 updates that were missing in 1.3
  • Fixed a bug where the mobile nav gets positioned wrong under specific circumstances
  • Fixed a bug with Menu style inline
  • Improved CSS styles
  • Removed timeline support
  • Updated meteorite.pot file



  • Added Meteorite Extensions Plugin as recommended
  • Improved some styles for the image frame widget



  • Fixed bug with navicon on screens between 1024px and 992px
  • Removed favicon upload in customizer – use site icon instead



  • Fixed animation JS for text with icon widget
  • Improved diverse PHP issues
  • Updated translation file
  • Updated theme license to GPLv3


  • Added light logo functionality
  • Added fullheight row options
  • Added action hooks
  • Added text with icon widget type and animations
  • Changed screenshot.png a bit
  • Improved escaping in widgets
  • Improved CSS styles
  • Improved titlebar
  • Improved header container for long site titles
  • Updated Font Awesome


  • Several changes


  • Initial release